Trump impressed by China’s Trade on North Korea


US President Donald Trump, on Thursday, pressed China to do more on the North Korean nuclear issue and said bilateral trade had been unfair to the United States.

Trump, however, praised President Xi Jinping’s pledge that China would be more open to foreign firms.

On North Korea, Trump said China could fix the problem quickly and easily, urging Beijing to cut financial links with North Korea and also called on Russia to help.

Trump was speaking alongside Xi in the Chinese capital to announce the signing of about 250 billion dollars in commercial deals between U.S. and Chinese firms.

Xi said the Chinese economy would become increasingly open and transparent to foreign firms, including those from the US and welcomed US companies to participate in his ambitious “Belt and Road” infrastructure-led initiative.

Trump made clear that he blamed his predecessors, not China, for the trade imbalance, and repeatedly praised Xi, calling him “a very special man”.

“But we will make it fair and it will be tremendous for both of us,” Trump noted.

Xi smiled widely when Trump said he does not blame China for the deficit and also when Trump said Xi gets things done.\

Xi stated that China would also offer a more fair and transparent environment for foreign firms, including US ones. (NAN)

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