SARS officers kill 2 handcuffed robbery suspects in cold blood

Officers of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) have been caught on video extra-judicially murdering two robbery suspects in Lagos State.

In the video that surfaced online on Tuesday, August 20, 2019, an officer, egged on by others, fatally shot two suspects that had already been restrained in handcuffs.

According to an eyewitness that narrated what happened in the video, the suspects were notorious for robbing people they strike business deals with on Jiji, an online shopping platform.

He said one of his friends was robbed at gunpoint by the suspects after they struck a deal for him to sell a phone to them after posting an ad.

The victim, he said, then tricked the suspects into a second meeting by using a different identity to strike another deal to sell a phone to them. He took SARS officers with him for the second meeting in the Igando area of Lagos where the incident took place.

“The anti-robbery team got there, caught them and shot them,” the witness said.

In one of two videos seen by Pulse, an officer wearing an official shirt branded “Anti Robbery Squad” could be seen physically restraining one of the suspects, wearing a black shirt, while he beckoned to his colleagues to bring handcuffs.

Two people, who appeared to be civilians, also helped in holding onto the suspect while three SARS officers joined them with the second suspect, in an red shirt, already in handcuffs.

A voice in the background, that appeared to be the victim that was robbed, could be heard threatening, “You go collect, you go collect” in Pidgin English.

The victim lamented that the phone he was supposedly robbed of cost a total of N450,000. He also said they robbed him with a gun as another officer was filmed showing off the gun, a locally-made handgun.

Just before the first video ends, the first officer can be seen restraining the first suspect in handcuffs that one of his colleagues handed to him, while another one shot in the air near the second suspect.

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