Nigeria lady celebrates money moves

According to the young lady, she curbed extravagant life and decided to start saving money in a piggy bank – At the end of two months, Rita found she had saved N105,000 A Facebook user identified as Ogbonna Rita Chiwendu has revealed her shortcut to financial freedom and monetary success. The young lady revealed that she changed her spending habits and was able to save over a N100,000 in her piggy bank.

For a while now, Nigerians have been buying into the piggy bank saving culture following the many success stories of how bits of money compound into large sums. Rita decided to join the band wagon and was glad of the result. In a Facebook post, she showed off her gains after saving N1000 and N500 notes for two months, which amounted to N105,000. The young lady then preached about developing a saving culture which is a way to curb poverty or lack of money.

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