An eclectic mix of information, education and entertainment. The show is designed to help listeners relax as we serenade them with good music that cuts across different genre while we provide them with interesting information on music, lifestyle, movies, Did-You-Know-Facts and lots more.

It is also very interactive as there are interesting, funny and trendy topics for discuss on the call in segments. The rainbow music drive show draws in Hip, fun-loving, adventurous and thirsty for information listeners,   the show is divided into segments viz-a-viz:

Entertainment scoop: It comes up from Mondays through Thursdays, where we dish out latest gist on celebrity, lifestyle, events, movies  and  showbiz in general from different parts of the world.

Celebrity crush of the week: In this segment we unveil one celebrity on Monday and then give the listeners the opportunity to get familiar with celebrity as we dish out detailed information about the celebrity all though the week and even grant interview to the celebrity when necessary asking then questions about their career, personal life, current and future plans.

Relationship Series: We discuss topical relate to relationship related issues with a call in segment where the listeners can join in the conversation. It comes up on Wednesdays

Request & Shout: We believe that the listeners should be given the opportunity to call the shot sometimes, hence the need for them to request for songs of their choice and also send greetings to their loved ones. It comes up on Thursdays.

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