Reality Check is a segment on the rainbow morning show aired on Rainbow 94.1 FM, featuring 60 minutes of interactive, incisive, informative, and robust discussion on issues & challenges of life, aired Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11.00am – 12.00pm through our radio and online platforms.


The target audience for Reality Check includes male and female across the age brackets who are upward, mobile, trendy, have a good perception whose lifestyles are open, adventurous, accommodating and are interested in realistic views, life issues pertaining to men and women most especially.


With more than 50 million listeners across Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Osun, Ondo, Ekiti, parts of Kwara and Edo states and also worldwide via the internet and through our live streaming on Facebook. The program format for reality check is broken into segments which include:



Reality Check hot topics is a segment on the show that focuses on salient issues in our society that affects women most especially. The topics are carefully drawn from different spheres and contents are tailored to create a synergy between the listeners and the guest who is usually an expert in the field from which the topics are drawn. With every hot topic comes the question of the day to engage listeners also through telephone calls, Twitter, Facebook and Whatsapp.



The health segment on reality check is a monthly segment on the show where a professional in-house doctor discusses health related issues which provides an opportunity for the listeners to access free medical consultation when the listeners call into the show to ask questions and seek solutions to health related problems that they have.




This is a monthly segment on the show where discussions pertaining to societal stereotypes and roles placed on men and women are debated head to head with the guest on the show. The listeners are also engaged to support or oppose the motion.



This segment on reality check happens twice a month. The relationship segment on the show brings in love coaches and relationship experts to teach and reveal the truth about building solid and better relationships at home, at work and with loved ones.

 There is also a 10 minutes musical break within the show.

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