‘I am proud to be in the Spain team’

Spain and Barcelona defender Gerard Pique, who offered to retire from international football after being jeered by some of the national team fans for his support of the Catalan independence referendum, has said he wants to continue playing for his country.

“It is impossible to put in doubt my commitment. I have been here since the age of 15. I consider this a family,” he said.

“I am proud to be in the Spain team and part of this group.

“It is not nice that people who support your team is against you. I’m here to try to change it.

“Through respect and coherence I believe that everything can reach fruition.”

Spain and Barcelona defender Gerard Pique, who says that he will not be driven out of the national team by fans who oppose his support for a Catalan independence referendum.

“To go now would be give belief to people who think that the solution is whistling and insult,” he said.

“I don’t want to go through the back door. This team and all the Spanish federation are my family. I want to continue for them.

“I can understand that my colleagues are tired of this. So I have come to answer everything there is to answer.”

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