Jose Mourinho knows exactly what he is doing by criticising Manchester United players – Stuart Pearce


Jose Mourinho is using a tried-and-tested tactic by publicly criticising his Manchester United players and he will get the reaction he craves, according to Stuart Pearce.

Mourinho was left unhappy with Ander Herrera’s remarks in a post-match interview that Huddersfield beat them on Saturday because they had “more passion”.

Pearce says Mourinho knows exactly what he is doing and does not think the defeat – United’s first of the season- will only be “a blip”.

Pearce told Premier League Daily: “I think it (Mourinho’s comments) was a damning assessment of his team, I really do. All of us thought this was certain away win after seeing Tottenham go there and dismantle them a few weeks ago.

“Whether it was the tough away fixture in midweek, or underestimating the opposition, I don’t know but credit to Huddersfield. Will it be costly come May?

“Obviously the manager is the motivator but to be honest everyone has a responsibility to deliver a performance for yourself and those around you. If someone says ‘I have not been motivated, I am not going to perform’ then you have a problem.

“Jose doesn’t pull his punches, especially in recent years. He has been more forthright in his criticism and his players have reacted well to that, Luke Shaw and Juan Mata, for example, have come out and rolled their sleeves up.

“He needs to get a reaction this week, with a tough cup tie (at Swansea) and then Spurs come to town next weekend. He needs two big performances from his team.

“I think Saturday’s result was a one-off blip and I think the next two performances will be much better.”

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