Jurgen ​Klopp: We can still use Anfield advantage

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp believes his team could use their home-field advantage for the rest of this season.

The Reds are playing behind closed doors like all other Premier League clubs, with their first game at Anfield against Crystal Palace on Wednesday.

But Klopp still thinks that playing an Anfield is special and will help the team get the wins they need to seal the Premier League title.

Asked how different Wednesday’s occasion will be, Klopp told a news conference: “Very. Very different.

“But I actually only think about this when I get asked about it because we trained for four weeks or more now, we were in lockdown for an awful lot of time, so that means we knew it would be there.

“My rule for life is things I cannot change I don’t really think about and that’s how it is.

“Football is not the same without supporters, 100 percent. Football would not be the game without supporters if they would never have been there, 100 percent. But at this moment, it’s only a period where we have to play without supporters.

“So we have to make the best of it and the derby is a good example of that. It was maybe not the best football game you’ve ever seen but from an intensity point of view, it was the same as the other derbies were.

“We didn’t play like we played because there were not supporters or stuff like this – yes, that’s an effect as well. We took it like it is. We don’t think about it anymore.

“It will be the first game at Anfield, but it’s still a home game because we have our dressing room, we have all our things around, we know exactly where is what and stuff like this. That feels already good when you walk in the dugout or in the dressing room area.

“It’s a home game and that’s what we want to see on the pitch as well, of course. But in the end, no crowd, no atmosphere, we have to take that.

“But I liked that part of the game from the derby really because it looked, for me, as a proper football game. There was nothing different but, of course, it is completely different.”

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