PSG not expecting Neymar delay

A senior source within PSG says they are not anticipating any significant delay in signing Neymar following La Liga’s rejection of his buy out clause payment.

The club believes La Liga are acting unlawfully and they are taking unspecified steps to resolve the situation.

La Liga refused to accept the release fee for Neymar earlier today. It’s the biggest transfer in football history but is he worth it?

Brazilian journalist Fernando Duarte says that Neymar’s move to Paris St-Germain is about more than just football.

Gerald Darmanin said he would be “delighted” at the prospect of Neymar paying his taxes in France, once he moves to PSG.

“If Neymar does indeed come to a French club, the budget minister will be delighted at the taxes that he will be able to pay in France,” Darmanin said on France Inter radio.

“It’s better for this player to pay his taxes in France rather than pay them elsewhere.”

French President Emmanuel Macron gave his seal of approval to Barcelona forward Neymar’s expected transfer to Paris Saint-Germain.

“It adds attractiveness. Yes, it’s good news,” Macron told journalists as he visited a holiday centre for children outside Paris.

Macron also congratulated Qatari-owned PSG’s chairman Nasser Al-Khelaifi, who was attending the same event.

“Congratulations, I believe there has been good news,” the president told Al-Khelaifi.

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