Cool, calm and hardworking, Theophilus Aiyemere Elamah’s sojourn into the broadcast industry started early in his life when he was introduced to news reading to a large audience in primary school in Kano state. Though a shy type, he had to take up the task because it was made compulsory. This became a turning point in his life.
Thereafter he formally joined the industry in his final year in the University of Ibadan where he interned in Diamond 101.1 fm, a community radio within the school. This is where he learnt the art and craft of the profession.
After his youth service, he moved to Superscreen television where he worked as a news caster, news reporter, News and programs producer amongst other functions.
He also moved to city 105.1fm then MITV working in the newsroom in several capacities.
His decision to carve a niche in the news and current affairs segment of the industry stems from the joy he derives from researching and giving relevant information to his numerous listeners.
Theophilus decided to stick with radio broadcasting because of the freedom and anonymity the medium brings unlike the television medium which brings all sorts of exposure.
He currently co-hosts the Rainbow morning show which starts at 5 am to 10 am, Monday to Friday. Also anchors ‘AUTO TIPS’ which is dedicated to giving out relevant information that will ensure vehicle owners use their vehicle optimally.
Aside broadcasting, Theophilus is involved in various business concerns because he is a firm believer in having multiple streams of income.